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Botanical Gift Tags 6 Pack


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  • Botanical Gift Tags 6 Pack ‘Pink Petals’
  • featuring three designs, Stargazer Lily, Pink Tulips and Magnolia

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Botanical Gift Tags

This set of six luxury gift tags feature prints from my original watercolour paintings, a collection of beautiful pink flowers, featuring two of each design, Magnolia, Lily and Tulip.

Trimmed with silky pink ribbon these tags can be paired with the matching greetings card pack ‘Pink Petals’ to make a lovely present for birthday, anniversary or any occasion.

Perfect for anyone who loves flowers or just can’t resist pink!

Tag dimensions 5cm x 7cm

These tags can be paired with the matching set of 3 greeting cards.

A very popular bulb, there are so many different varieties of  Tulips available today. Easy to grow and ideal for bedding borders and containers,  Tulip bulbs are usually planted in Autumn for a show of flowers in spring. Tulips are native to central Asia including Turkey, where it is the national flower and was thought to be introduced to Europe in 1500’s.

The majority of Tulips are grown and exported from Holland but are grown all over the world. During the 1600’s a Tulip frenzy broke out (known as Tulip mania) in the Netherlands and the price for Tulip bulbs soared. Inflated prices caused the Tulip bubble to burst, the situation has been regarded as one of the first economic bubbles.
Many varieties  are scented such as ‘Apricot Beauty’ and one of my personal favourites ‘Angelique’.


Sheffield Botanical Gardens has a lovely collection of Magnolia trees which look superb when in full bloom. The life expectancy varies among magnolia tree varieties, some  have been known to survive for 100 years.
It is thought the sturdy flowers evolved for pollination by beetles and fossils of magnolias  from 20 million years ago have been found. Magnolia flowers don’t produce true nectar, but have pollen in large quantities. The pollen, which is rich in protein, is a food supply for beetles which typically pollinate the tree’s flowers.
The magnolia tree comes from Southeast Asia, the West Indies and North America and is the official state flower of both Louisiana and Mississippi.


For thousands of years the lily (belonging to the Lilium family) has been a popular ornamental plant, with its beautiful, showy flowers that come in a wide variety of colours and forms. Plants can grow to be 2-6 feet tall and the Pink Stargazer lily symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

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