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I paint birds and botanical subjects with the aim to bring a little bit of nature into the home. I have always loved nature and draw inspiration for my watercolour paintings from the garden and the beautiful countryside around Sheffield.

From a young age I loved to be creative and was always sewing, drawing, beading or clay modelling.

Since having my own garden I’m always on the lookout for interesting flowers and plants to paint and as a result the garden is filling up fast!

Drawing from life is essential for me to achieve accuracy and detail so I often paint with the seasons, although I do keep a camera handy when I’m out and about.

Each painting is produced using only the finest luxury materials.

I hope you enjoy them!

About Victoria Delahoyde Quail Feather WaterColour Painting.

Quail Feather WaterColour Painting.

Painting has allowed me to combine my love of nature
with my love of art