Owl feather greeting card

Owl Feather Greeting Card


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Owl feather Greeting Card

Luxury square Owl Feather Greeting Card printed with fine art detailed painting of an Owl Feather from one of my original watercolour paintings.
Perfect card for bird lovers.

Owl Feather Greeting Card materials and description

– Finest quality 250gsm textured card
– Square size (148mm x 148mm)
– Blank for your own message
– Quality laid paper textured envelope in white
– Individual Cellophane pocket

Owls are known for their silent night flight and this is thanks  to the anatomy of their wing feathers, which have a leading edge that reduces turbulence. Turbulence over the wing causes sound but an Owls primary feathers are serrated like a comb which breaks down turbulence into smaller currents. A velvety structure on the surface of the flight feathers also helps to absorb sound from the moving wing.
Not all owls hoot, and can make a wide range of other sounds such as screeches, whistles and barks. During the nesting season, owl calls can often be heard up to a mile away. There are more than 150 species of owls in the world and can be found on all continents except for Antarctica.

For more information on Owls please see here.

I spent many hours on the original painting of this card and choosing the best materials.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it.

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